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Surety Consulting

Construction Consulting - provides great assistance to our clients in evaluating Surety's exposure. Forcon's staff provides reprocurement of contracts or support services.

Forcon provides expert witnesses for underwriting, claims handling, scheduling, claims and other litigation support services.

Construction defaults today are complex and can involve:

  • Project Acceleration
  • Improper Contract Terminations
  • Cumulative Numerous Small Changes
  • Design Problems
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Delays* Impossibility of Performance
  • Interferences

Forcon's staff of highly experienced professionals have the expertise to astutely analyze a dispute and identify the causes, impacts, and resulting damages. We prepare a concise report which clearly shows the relationships between the causes, impacts, and damages, and which along with the assembled supporting documentation, substantiates our observations and conclusions.

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