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Ryan Murray, PE

Consultant's Location: Port Orange, FL

Main Office: Tampa, FL

Contact Info: 813.684.7686


Mr. Murray is a professional engineer with 16 years of experience that encompasses a broad spectrum of design, research, construction and forensics among various disciplines of the Civil Engineering field including coastal, geotechnical, forensic, transportation and water resources. In the coastal/marine engineering field, Mr. Murray has been involved with the design, permitting and construction of varying types of coastal/marine projects including coastal structures (seawalls, piers, docks, etc.) and has provided post-hurricane field support and damage assessments in conjunction with the FDEP. Additionally, he has completed numerous forensic investigations of coastal/marine structures such as marinas, seawalls and small craft harbors as well as providing recommendations/designs for the re-construction or repair of these structures.

Mr. Murray’s structural and forensic background consists of numerous investigations of residential and commercial property damage as a result of natural disasters and accidents, both for private clients as well as insurance companies and attorneys. In addition, he has provided expert witness testimony as it pertains to these projects. Ryan has investigated damage reported to roofs (both from hail and wind), foundations, seawalls, moisture intrusion, structural components as well as lightning damage, fire damage, flood damage and wind versus wave damage analyses. Additionally, he has performed investigations of subsidence/sinkhole damage in accordance with FGS Special Publication No. 57 and performed Neutral Evaluations in accordance with Florida Statues 627.7074.

Discipline Detail:

Civil Engineering; Marine; Roofing; Construction Defects

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