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Brian Christopher Moody, PE

Consultant's Location: Atlanta, GA

Main Office: Tampa, FL
Atlanta, GA

Contact Info: 770.390.0980


Mr. Moody has over 17 years of experience in engineering management, underwater inspection, and structural design of waterfront structures and buildings. Though this experience Mr. Moody has developed skills necessary to act as a dive team leader on various subaqueous investigations, lead designer for waterfront structures and foundations, as well as project manager of underwater and above water marine construction inspection projects. He has worked on all types of waterfront structures including, ports, marinas, piers, wharfs, fender systems, relieving platforms, anchorage systems, bulkheads, canal structures, gangways, water taxi landings, dams, bridges, culverts, roadways, buildings, and foundations. In Mr. Moody's vast experience he has gained a high degree of proficiency in working with a variety of marine construction materials including timber, steel, aluminum, reinforced concrete, elastomeric fenders, and plastic lumber.  In addition, he has developed high familiarity with marine environmental considerations including corrosion, deterioration, biological decay, marine borer attack, vessel allision, foundation scour, tidal fluctuation (ADA ramp requirements), wave & current loadings, and storm surge. Mr. Moody has utilized cutting edge inspection and investigation technology, including underwater ultrasonic thickness measurement, timber coring and analysis, underwater sonar, timber pressure treatment retention analysis, underwater videography, and submarine cable detection equipment. 

Mr. Moody's extensive underwater bridge inspection experience is relevant to Dam Inspection.  In particular, relating to failures from flood damage, he has often been called upon to perform "emergency bridge inspections" for NY, NJ, CT DOT's and the NYS Canal Corp (which included inspection of Canal Locks, and some Dams and Spillways).  Earlier in his career he inspected a handful of Dams for NJ DEP (Currently, NJ DEP requires "regular inspections"  and "formal inspections" of Class I and Class II dams every two years and ten years respectively).  More recently he was part of a team that  performed repair and inspection at several NYCDEP Dam sites.


Discipline Detail:

Structural Engineering snd Marine

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