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Michael D. Eskra, CVFI, CFEI, & CFII

Consultant's Location: Saukville, WI

Main Office: Atlanta, GA

Contact Info: 770.390.0980


Mike Eskra is an independent contractor to Forcon International and provides consulting and expert witness services regarding battery fires and failures.

Mike Eskra either designed and built or managed the design and build of numerous battery systems for military, space, commercial and consumer applications. In the course of these product developments the devices were tested to failure and subjected to extensive test protocols until failure. The information was used to improve the overall designs of the battery systems to meet and exceed the customer requirements. He has directed and performed testing of several thousand cells and batteries until failure, identifying the failure modes and effects and improving upon the designs for the specific applications. Mike Eskra was a contributor to the Advanced Battery Consortium battery testing and safety requirements used by the automotive industry along with many SAE standards. He is called upon by US Government and industry to assist in design reviews and failure analysis.

Discipline Detail:

Chemical Engineering - Batteries - Marine

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