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Robert “Drew” Riley

Consultant's Location: Forney, TX

Main Office: Tampa, FL

Contact Info: 813.684.7686


Mr. Riley is an experienced Electrical, Mechanical and Project Consultant who specializes in providing damage assessment, failure analysis, and equipment and machinery causation. Drew also possesses engineering experience which has included investigating damage causation and performing maintenance on complex mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment. Mr. Riley has extensive experience investigating complex equipment and machinery losses and with his background in the manufacturing industry, has the hands-on experience in the upkeep, repair, and installation of industrial machines and electrical devices used in the manufacturing process. As a Lead Electrician, was responsible for the testing, upgrading, and replacement of electrical and electronic devices as well as the creation and implementation of SOP processes to increase efficiency and safety. Mr. Riley also has extensive experience as a Mechanic, utilizing those skills to evaluate, design, and repair both large and small industrial implements.

Discipline Detail:

Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering

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