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Richard L. Martin, PhD, PE, CFEI

Consultant's Location: Annapolis, MD

Main Office: Annapolis, MD

Contact Info: 443.569.7010


Richard L. Martin, PhD, PE, CFEI, Senior Electrical Engineer, has over 35 years of investigative experience in accident investigations, evaluations, damage assessments and fire investigations involving electrical distribution, construction, farm, medical, and computing equipment, as well as appliances and power tools. Cases investigated have ranged from residential wiring and small appliances to automotive systems, large industrial machinery, shipboard equipment, electric power generating equipment, and electrical distribution systems including transformers and substation equipment. Issues addressed have included operation of electrical distribution network protection, electrocutions, burns and shocks, and NEC/NESC and OSHA requirements. He has also served as a consultant to other forensic investigators and accident re-constructionists in complex cases.

Dr. Martin has qualified as an expert electrical engineer, as well as an expert in fire origin and cause, and has testified in those areas in over 20 different courts, including local and federal. As an expert electrical engineer, he has testified in accident cases ranging from operation of automatic control systems, faults on power distribution systems including transformer operation, and on/off status of automobile lamps during collisions.

With a total of over forty years of college level teaching experience and professional interaction with experts in other fields of engineering and science, Dr. Martin retired after 38 years from a tenured professorship at the U. S. Naval Academy and was awarded Professor Emeritus status in 2008. He has authored numerous papers regarding electrical equipment for use aboard U.S. Navy vessels (both classified and unclassified documents). He has also authored or co-authored six published papers relating to lectrical/electronic engineering test design for electrical and electronic components exposed to unusual ambient conditions.

Dr. Martin is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI). Certification is based upon experience plus time-limited, proctored, written examination.

Discipline Detail:

Electrical Engineering

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